What is Writer’s Block and how can it affect your writing?

What is writer’s block? This is a vital question you must ask yourself if you are an author before you actually find out first hand and how it can hinder you from achieving your writing goals and dreams.

This powerful brain blockage you get when you least expect it stops all of your fiction writing progress and seriously demotivates you and your desires to write. You must learn what writers block really is and how you can avoid this terrible writer’s disease before it happens.

Were you ever dead set on writing something and just couldn’t get the motivation to do it? Whenever this happens, if you don’t do things to alleviate the problem immediately, it could paralyze you for days or even weeks.

What is Writer’s Block?

What is writer’s block? As defined by Merriam-Webster, it is “the problem of not being able to think of something to write about or not being able to finish writing a story, poem, etc.” or “a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece.”

Psychological? Does this mean you are crazy? Of course not! Everyone experiences psychological issues in one form or another. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything mentally wrong with you at all. It could actually be more physical than mental once you start looking at your life from the outside in.

What writer’s block is can better be understood when you actually determine what causes it. And let me tell you, there are a lot more things than you think that can cause a block such as stress, apprehension, distractions, exhaustion, depression or even a physical illness. Do you think a pressed-for-time deadline could cause a little bit of all of those psychological triggers? You better believe they could!

So, how do these stresses and strains on your body and mind cause writers block? Well, whenever your body or mind experiences any form of abnormal stress, your brain tends to concentrate more on that stress because it feels your health is more important than anything else you are doing at that moment. Thus, your mind shuts down and forces you to rest whether you like it or not.

There are so many things that can cause this block. You need to be aware of as many of them as possible so you can plan ahead and avoid some of the fatal triggers that can cause a total writing shut down, especially when you need your creative mind the most.

What is Writer’s Block? Finding Ways to Avoid the Block Triggers By Knowing What is Causing Them

What is writers block? It can be the worst nightmare you ever have to face in your life, especially if it starts to affect your deadlines and goals. Here is a little more information about this strange “writing disease” that can help you avoid some of its effects.

This psychological block can be a way for your brain to tell you it needs to recharge or that it needs a break. You can become so mentally exhausted from writing and other forms of work that your mind just can’t function any more.

Even if you absolutely love to write, the block can keep you from your writing passions by forcing you to concentrate on something completely different and much less demanding on the brain.

If you are an avid writer, there will always be a time that you have some form of writer’s block. Despite this simple fact of life, there are several ways to minimize the frequency of down time which can also be used to alleviate the block altogether before it even starts.

As a writer, your ability to write is your lifeline and there is absolutely no room to hit road blocks along your travels. You must be able to prevent this problem from happening before it happens and know how to cure it if it does. If you missed the signs and it does happen, there are a few simple cures for writers block that will help get your story writing back on track!

This common writing disease isn’t just caused by over working or over writing as many would think. It can simply be caused by other blocking forces such as many of life’s distractions. For example, a death in the family, loss of a job, mild depression, running out of ideas, loss of interest in a particular subject, video games, or even family/friends disrupting work.

Another big trigger for the block can be reader or publisher rejection or negative feedback. When you are rejected or receive negative reviews, this is a serious blow to your self-confidence and you can lose a lot of writing motivation in the process.

How to Avoid Writer’s Block Altogether

What is writers block continues with the best way to avoid writers block. Setting writing goals for all of your writing projects is half of it. Goals are not only a great guide to keep you focused on what you have to do, but they subconsciously motivate you to keep going, even during the difficult times by sticking to a solid, well thought out series of deadlines.

Most of the people who are blocked from their writing frequently do not have their goals written down where they can see them every day. This happens a lot if you just treat your writing as a hobby.

The second half of this is setting and sticking to a solid plan based on those goals. Using your goals effectively and creating a daily plan of action to accomplish your goals is a simple yet effective way to completely avoid all of the blocks that may come your way.

With effective goal setting, you can establish powerful motivators that will keep you plugging in the right direction. Some of the blocks may still occur, but you will be able to recognize when they are attacking and you can rearrange your schedule to work around some of them and still achieve your goals on time.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work and you will find yourself sidelined from your writing. You need to recognize a trigger before it is pulled and you fall into a slump.

Don’t let a show-stopping block sway you away from your writing. Get back on the right track and get your writing off and running again with a simple cures for writers block.

What is writers block can be understood more by seeing examples of how it affected others. Here are some great examples of how some famous writers overcame writer’s block that you may be able to apply to your situation.

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