WordPress 5.3 old style admin buttons and UI plugin

Revert back to WordPress pre-5.3 “Kirk” style of the admin UI: buttons, borders, form elements

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk,” has just been released a few days ago and is now available for download. The update includes a new default theme named Twenty Twenty, and a lot of new user interface changes aimed at accessibility, plus some new block editor features.

As millions of blogs and websites are updating to WordPress 5.3, some website owners, such as ourselves, were appalled at some of the new admin interface elements.

After we updated WordPress to 5.3, we thought something had gone wrong with it when we saw those borders in the admin area, the intense blue color of texts and the complete lack of design subtlety of the UI.

So we decided to create a plugin that would undo that.

The plugin styles the WordPress 5.3+ admin panel back to how it was before the 5.3 update. So, if you also disliked the vivid blue texts and borders of the form elements, like buttons, input and select, or found them to be way too prominent, this plugin will allow you to update WordPress to 5.3 and benefit from its code updates, while retaining all of the previous version’s UI styles.


If the above code doesn’t work, get it from the mirror here or directly from here.

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