Dracula Story Tours launches its brand new website for Halloween

„The wait is over! 🧛” said Dracula Story Tours on their social media pages.

We all love traveling to new places and having memorable adventures on the other side of the world, and this tour agency from Romania has just launched 🚀 their all-new website just in time for all your spooky Halloween celebrations 🎃.

They are a local agency in Transylvania – hence the name – offering tailor-made touristic packages, and unique, limited tours, specially crafted around specific events, historical figures or calendar dates. Due to their very nature, these are available just once a year, and in some cases only one time ever. This offers visitors a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a Dracula Halloween or Christmas in Transylvania type of experience, which as you can easily imagine, is not gonna be available anywhere else or with any of the usual tour agencies.

Their tours are all about Dracula. Skillfully weaved around the life and death of Vlad Tepes, their best selling tour is a 5-days experience of the old cities and castles of Transylvania, and tells the complete story of Vlad Țepeș – also known as Count Dracula – taking the visitor on a journey through historical sites, beautiful landscapes and famous landmarks. With all accommodation, meals and transport being fully included, of course.

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