5 Places in Shanghai That Can Take Your Breath Away

China’s largest city, Shanghai is a place that offers more than one can take. The huge number of attractions in the place will make you fall for the place. A major tourist attraction, the city is busy with activity around the clock. You will see people move around and have fun at every opportune moment. The host of things to do along with the wonderful places to visit makes hanging around in Shanghai a real fun.

Here are the 5 places so stunning in Shanghai that it takes your breath away.

  1. Nanjing Road – Shopper’s Paradise

This is one of those stretches of roads where you can shop till you drop. The road was constructed in the 19th century and is pedestrian-friendly. There are a lot of goods which can be purchased on the street. You will find street vendors lining up to sell traditional arts and crafts in this place.

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  1. The Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum

A place where you can trace back the history of China, Shanghai Museum is one of the important buildings in Shanghai. There are things like 19th century paintings, calligraphy and seals in this place. You will find a large collection of items including coins and furnishings from 14th century to 20th century.

Shanghai Museum has been famous for its large collection of rare cultural piece. The museum now houses over 120,000 pieces of cultural relics in 12 categories, including Chinese bronze, ceramics, paintings and calligraphy, and artifacts.

Shanghai Museum interior

The building is a work of art in itself. To save money on your travel to the historic country of China, you can use various coupons and vouchers to book flight tickets at affordable costs with added discounts.

  1. Yu Garden

The Yu Garden a.k.a the Garden of Happiness has a distinct charm attached to it. One of the most attractive places inside the garden is the ‘Hall of Spring’ which stands as it was erected centuries ago. There are beautiful pavilions, decorative stones, lovely ponds and small mountain ranges in the place.

The decoration of the roof of the building is wonderful. That combined with richly decorated interiors make for an awesome tour visit.

  1. “The Bund” – Shanghai’s Promenade

The European feel that this place gives to its visitors is truly awe-inspiring. It is always bustling with activity and has good restaurants, office spaces and galleries. Some very important buildings are present in the place and it is a good feel to walk past all of them.

  1. Longhua Temple

One of the oldest religious places in China, the Longhua Temple has witnessed many destructions and rebuilds in its history. Built alongside a 40-meter tall brick pagoda, the temple is used for Buddhist ceremonies till date.

There are around 5 halls inside the temple with fine statues and a 16th century bell. Old manuscripts and ceremonial instruments are still intact and found in the place.

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