Why does Facebook say ‘no content available’?

There’s nothing wrong with your computer or device. These messages usually appear most frequently on mobile devices and almost always disappear in a short amount of time.

We’ve seen numerous videos and guides who claim that you need to unblock the person to see the content. We don’t think these people understand what blocking is. You shouldn’t see content from someone you blocked, and we repeat, there is no fix for this error. The post will disappear, often with minutes or the next time you reload or refresh.

FaceBook content not available
FaceBook error: content not available

Here are the reasons why you might see this error:

Content was flagged
If the content being linked to has been flagged as inappropriate by Facebook or users, but not yet removed, you will get this error message.

Person Shared to Certain People
Most of us just add a photo and share, but there are options to share with certain or specific friends and more. In this case, you might see their post, but not the content.

Content was Deleted
It’s possible the person recently deleted the content of a post, but not the post.

Country Restrictions
If the content breaks laws in your country, you might not be able to see the content.

Age Restrictions
Content flagged for adults will once again pop up this message, but only briefly before it disappears.

Private Group or Page
If the person shared the content from a private page or group or from someone whose privacy settings for that particular post are set to ‘Friends only’, you might not see the content.

So basically the Facebook message ‘this content is not available’ is usually caused by one of three main reasons:

  • content was deleted before you accessed it,
  • content was set from public to private and was not shared with you or your permission to view it was removed,
  • or you have been blocked from viewing the content manually.

So, there it is. Ignore this error and have a great day!

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