What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?

Google pays Mozilla millions of dollars a year so that Google acts as default search engine of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Firefox Google

Many Google employees became instant millionaires when Google went public in 2004.

On August 16, 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and in that time, the global Internet traffic dropped by 40%.

Google has the world’s largest network of translators, enabling users to translate 345 different languages into each other.

The “I’m feeling lucky” button remains one of the least popular Google features. However, in trials, it was found that removing it made the users uncomfortable.

The Google Street View has more than 28 million miles of photographed roads till now.

Google’s headquarters is called Googleplex, which is a combination of Google + Complex.

Google Maps calculates traffic by tracking how fast Android devices are moving on the road.

Originally meant to be called “Googol,” investors spelled it “Google” on a cheque and it stuck.

Google uses re CAPTCHA to teach computers how to read text. With 200,000 million CAPTCHAs solved each day, Google’s computers learn how to identify words scanned from books even if they’re warped.

Google might be the only company with the explicit goal to REDUCE the amount of time people spend on its site.

On average, Google has acquired more than one company every week since 2010.

Because Gmail was launched on 1st April 2004, many people thought it was an April Fools’ Day prank.

Google Maps’ Street View includes 360-degree views of the Mount Everest base camp.

You can create custom search engine in minutes with Google. You can specify the sites you would like the search engine to search on along with some other filters.

Google custom search

More Google facts:

  1. Google employees in the US get death benefits which guarantee that the surviving spouse will receive 50% of their salary every year for the next decade.
  2. Google wanted to sell itself to online company Excite in 1999 for $1 million, but the Excite CEO rejected the offer, the price was knocked down to $750,000 but he still declined, saying the asking price was too high. One time Yahoo said no, but in 2002 offered to buy Google for $3 billion. Google said no, and it’s now valued at $800 billion. That’s got to sting.
  3. Goats mow the company lawns. In 2009 the company hired out a heard of 200 goats from California Grazing to trim the lawns.
  4. Google was originally named BackRub.
  5. Google’s first office was a rented garage. Starting in September 1998, the company’s first workspace was Susan Wojcicki’s garage on Santa Margarita Ave. in Menlo Park, Calif.
  6. Google provides Google Fiber Internet with speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps down and 1,000 Mbps up for just 70$/month. This service is limited to a handful cities in US at present.
  7. Googlers ride colorful “gBikes” around the Googleplex, none of the bikes have locks. Employees simply “borrow” the nearest set of wheels. When they’re done, they drop them off conveniently close to office entryways for other Googlers to use.
  8. Google negotiated its acquisition of YouTube’s at Denny’s over mozzarella sticks. “We didn’t want to meet at offices,” YouTube co-founder Steven Chen said, “so we were like, ‘Where’s a place that none of us would go?’” That place turned out to be a Denny’s in Palo Alto, Calif. Mozzarella sticks were nibbled, hands were shaken.
  9. When it went public, Google was valued as much as General Motors. The company sold 19,605,052 shares of stock for $85 per share. It was valued at $27 billion.
  10. Google gave Mountain View the gift of free Wi-Fi. In 2006, the company decided to provide Mountain View, the California town where its main headquarters is located, with free city-wide Wi-Fi. While certainly generous, it likely just meant that even more people were free to jump on the web and use the search engine.
  11. Google was stored on 4GB hard drives. The company’s search engine algorithm was stored on 10 separate 4GB hard drives. Today Google has indexed more than 100 million gigabytes of data, making its original 40 GB storage capacity look rather humble.
  12. Stanford owns Google’s first search patent. Stanford received 1.8 million shares of Google stock in exchange for a long-term patent license. PageRank has since earned more than $337 million for Stanford, which was more than enough to see the two inducted into the university’s Inventor Hall of Fame. PageRank isn’t the only algorithm used by Google these days, but it was the first.
  13. Don’t be evil. This motto was first suggested by Google employee Paul Buchheit back in the early 2000s and appeared in Google’s 2004 IPO prospectus, later Alphabet the parent company in 2015, changed the motto slightly to “Do the right thing” in the corporate code of conduct.
  14. The company, on average, purchases a new company roughly once a week. As of June 2016, Google has bought over 190 different companies.
  15. Google owns common misspellings of its own name as well, such as Gooogle, Gogle, Googlr.
  16. No part of a Google office is allowed to be more than 150 feet away from some kind of food.
  17. There’s a rotated version of Google known as ‘Google Mirror’, which shows everything in a mirrored avatar. It might sound like just a fun and pointless add on, but it was actually useful in circumventing the Great Firewall in China that banned Google.
  18. Funny fact. Dogs with strong bladders and friendly dispositions are welcomed in the offices, but cats are discouraged due to the number of dogs present.
  19. Employees are called Googlers, new employees are called Nooglers.
  20. Google keeps track of activities of all of its users. If you have an Android smartphone with location enabled, you can find out exactly where you were on any given date.
  21. Google pays 3 billion USD per year to Apple to remain default search engine on iOS devices.

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