Huawei can no longer use micro SD cards in smartphones

The story of Huawei’s bans continues, and today’s episode targets SD cards. Specifically, the company has been suspended from its membership of the SD Association, the organization that certifies the standard for memory cards that we all use.

It is not the only organization of its kind that Huawei disappeared this week. JEDEC, the organization responsible for standardizing RAM, announces that Huawei voluntarily withdrew these days. And the Wi-Fi Alliance has revealed that Huawei’s role in the organization has been restricted. But for these two organizations, the company just can not work together to set future standards.

In the case of the SD Association, it lost the ability to officially integrate SD and microSD card support into its new products. Existing devices will not be affected, will continue to work without any problem with any card you have. But those that will be produced from now on, will have to use other solutions, or drop out of expandable memory support. By coincidence, Huawei has unveiled its own memory standard, called NanoMemory, which does not use the SD brand last year, so it’s probably not affected by this new ban.

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