Outsource SEO. The best SEO outsourcing guide with agencies

Let’s assume for a moment that you already know what SEO is, why Search Engine Optimization is important for your online website and why every business needs it. The next question that comes to mind is:

Why Outsource SEO?

SEO is a highly technical process that can be hard to get right. Many companies choose not to offer SEO because they don’t have the right expertise or they think it’s out of the price range of many of their clients. But the upfront cost of outsourcing SEO more than pays for itself because it means the work is done right the first time, and brings in results for your clients.

Outsourcing SEO to a specialized vendor has several benefits including greater access to resources, industry knowledge and experience, and a skilled workforce of specialists. Partnering with a reputable SEO company means you get access to all the resources necessary to deliver long-term results. But like any important business decision, before partnering with an SEO vendor, it’s important to do your research into their practices and how they do business. You need to know things like how they treat their clients, if they white-label their services, and how they report tasks. You especially need to learn about their experience.

Good SEO companies have the ability to track and analyze search engine algorithm updates over time, and can even detect changes to algorithms before they’re announced. Good SEO vendors have vast amounts of historical data and use analytics tools to understand historical performance of specific groups or industries to track the effects of algorithm updates in real time. Keeping on top of these algorithm changes allows them to quickly adapt and best serve your clients within specific industries so your client’s rankings continually improve. Good vendors can seamlessly incorporate SEO with your existing products, or as a stand-alone service to increase revenue. And specialized SEO companies have large groups of skilled workers dedicated to specific SEO tasks. This means more quality SEO work gets done in your time frame and budget, which means better service to your clients, and translates into higher rankings more consistently.

How Much You Can Make

Outsourcing your SEO to a vendor means you can still take care of your clients and their SEO needs while making a good revenue share. When considering vendors, look for the most competitive pricing that delivers value to the customers. Be careful to not overpay for quality, but don’t underpay for services that don’t get the job done for your clients.

Offering SEO can be one of the most valuable products for your company because SEO is something every company needs. Borrell & Associates reported in 2018 that small businesses alone would spend an estimated $5.9 billion just on SEO. That’s millions of small businesses looking right now to improve their online presence but not knowing how to do it. That’s a huge growth opportunity for your company. SEO is a highly sought-after and in-demand service that could bring in one of the highest profit margins you offer. For an online marketing company, offering SEO as a product just makes sense.

Adding SEO to your offering gives your sales force another in-demand option to sell. Your sales team likely comes in contact with prospective clients all the time that aren’t quite ready to buy your services yet because they’re not sure they need them. By offering SEO, you not only increase your revenue, but you add another valuable and needed product that small businesses want to grow their online presence.

SEO Vendors Provide High Quality Service

Small businesses should not have to give up their hopes of having great SEO and digital marketing services because they don’t think they can afford it. Quality and price should not be at odds with one another, and it’s possible to still make a good profit while providing industry-leading and affordable SEO services to your clients. Good SEO vendors will deliver in-house SEO work to ensure quality and precision. They will dedicate an account manager and in-depth reporting dashboards showing all the work being done and the progress being made. They will also align with current SEO standards and best practices to ensure the best results for your clients.

Outsourcing to a vendor really is the best of both worlds. You get a highly in-demand service for your product offering, your clients get an affordable solution to build their online presence, and someone else performs the SEO tasks for your clients.

What a Good SEO Vendor Does

When considering adding SEO services to your product offering, look into the following things when deciding on the best SEO vendor for your business.

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White Label Services

White-labeling of services essentially means the vendor is behind the scenes doing all the work, but the service comes through your brand. The vendor does the work, and you get the credit. And no, it’s not too good to be true. White-labeled offerings start with the software itself. It allows your clients to log in and view their search ranking results, what has been done for them, what tasks remain, and much more through a platform that uses your branding. These types of white-labeled services allow you to connect with and serve your clients on a personal level, backed by SEO expertise from a vendor that wants to help you and your clients succeed.

But fully white-labeled services goes much more in depth than that. White-labeled services also include other digital marketing needs like messaging, display ads, emails, and more that point back to your business. Good vendors create collateral that helps with marketing SEO to your customers and explains why they need it. Good SEO companies will also help with the proposals and phone calls with potential customers to help close the sale.

Partner Manager/Account Manager and Customer Service

When selecting an SEO vendor, you want to know your clients will be taken care of and that you will have someone you can turn to whenever you have questions or bring on a new client. Good SEO vendors have teams of people assigned to every partner, including a dedicated account executive who provides all the support a partner and their clients need to succeed. Account executives need to be knowledgeable about the SEO process and able to talk about specific strategies for individual clients.


A good SEO vendor will offer a complete solution that you can plug in to. It should feel like adding a complete SEO division to your company. Seamless integration is more than white labeling the service. It includes API integration and technical support that makes it easy for you to load, manage, and monitor your SEO sales. The tighter the integration, the better the experience for your clients.

Many companies that want to offer SEO fear they won’t know exactly what is being done for their clients if they decide to outsource it. Good SEO vendors alleviate those concerns and will be completely transparent about the work they do for clients. They’ll also take the time to make sure you understand the work they do.

Because SEO is a complicated set of tasks and processes, clients sometimes have a hard time understanding different SEO tactics for their particular website, but accurate and transparent reporting of every step along the way will alleviate many of those concerns. Often, vendors report their work through a dashboard where clients and partners can log in and see all the work happening in real time.


For many digital marketing companies, it can be scary to turn over your clients to an outside firm. You should never feel like you’re in the dark about the work going on for your clients. It’s important for you to understand how the entire architecture of Search Engine Marketing is built, how the digital SEM processes work, and how the vendor you’ve partnered with services and fulfills for every client you have. Good partners will provide education for your company. They’ll help train your sales team on how to sell SEO packages to your clients. The training should be comprehensive and include sales materials along with ongoing support. They will help you understand all aspects of SEO and help you feel like you have a good handle on the industry. A good SEO vendor will make sure you understand the work and all the steps that go into it, even though you might not be doing the work itself.

Sales Support

SEO is a challenging service to sell, so you need to have a partner who knows how to do it right. Some agencies and resellers try to sell SEO on their own but end up failing because they don’t get the support they need to succeed. Good vendors give the option to have sales support beyond just training the sales staff. SEO, with its many facets, can be a very difficult concept for some clients to grasp. Sales support can include phone calls with a client as part of your SEO team. You can loop the partner into any sales call as though they were sitting right next to you in your office to answer questions or concerns a potential SEO customer might have, and help you close the sale. And for clients already in the system with their SEO plan in progress, questions still arise about how it all works. And if your team doesn’t know the best way to answer incoming queries, good vendors will have options that loop them into the call to help you out. The best partners will have client service representatives available at all times who can be contacted and brought into the conversation as part of your company’s SEO team.

Partnering Packages

Quality SEO companies tell customers what they charge and what work they do for that price. If a company simply charges a flat fee and doesn’t disclose what work that fee covers, consider it a giant red flag. For some companies, a fully white-labeled, full-service solution they can resell is best. But others may prefer a simpler, affiliate relationship where they can send a potential new SEO client to a sales team representative and earn a residual. A good SEO vendor will have multiple partnering options to ensure you are partnering in the most advantageous way for your particular business.

The Right Tools

Enhancing an online presence is so much more than just SEO. It also takes a lot of work to maintain higher rankings once you achieve them. Good SEO vendors have a variety of tools and skillsets beyond just website optimization to help your clients achieve the long-term results they desire. One of these key tools include Google My Business and other online directory profiles.

Good SEO vendors will also outfit your clients with website analysis tools that look at a website’s score to see the overall health of a site. These tools show areas where a website is weak and what needs to be done to improve it. They analyze where traffic comes from to improve your marketing and targeting efforts.


Search Engine Optimization, when done correctly with the right tools and the right people, can be an enormous benefit to your business and product offerings. It is a highly valuable product for the clients you serve. But in order to be effective and affordable for your clients, choose an SEO vendor that makes it their business to take care of the customers you serve every day. They want to help you add a product that creates a nice solid revenue share for your business while providing an affordable service to your clients. Outsourcing your SEO needs can be a smart option for any company looking to expand their product offerings while maintaining the high level of attention and customer service their clients expect.

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