How to SEO?

If you came here looking for an answer on how to SEO and most importantly how to do it properly, there are basically two ways you can and should go about this:

  1. SEO the crap out of everything (which is probably something you’re working on already) – that’s on-site SEO
  2. Get high quality backlinks from other sources – that’s off-site SEO

What SEO tools to use?

For SEO, using fancy tools is great and we do use a couple of them. But we had #1 Google ranks plus multiple first page Google rankings off of free tools.

  • Google Adwords Tool
  • Google Trends
  • Using Google Autocomplete (to find longtail keywords)
  • Physically searching google and finding weak results

Using the Google Adwords tool, you can get a pretty good idea what people are searching for and then search the query and see what the results are. We could go into detail about how all of that works, but that’s beyond the scope here.

A lot of SEO is making everything natural and helpful to the reader. We don’t know how you are doing your website but here are some suggestions that will help build your SEO and rank.

  • Write tutorials and how-to articles on longtail results (look up what longtail keywords are if you are unsure)
  • Give your readers some knowledge, they will buy from you once they trust you and see you aren’t just out to make a dollar.

These articles will build rank on Google, others will link to them (backlinks) and will build your credibility.

Traffic from high ranking sources

Building quality backlinks and attracting traffic from other sources may be a better option than most think. Linking to your website on social media will give your website social cues and can help with ranking, but instead of being a self-promoter… focus on helping your target audience.

Nothing will resonate more to your customers than helping them come to the decision they need your help. Give them the tools to try to make their own logo and when they decide they can’t, here’s a loyal customer.

We work for someone right now that does not want us to link out to other websites (which actually builds SEO) and simply wants a “buy me buy me” approach.

We are friends with people that write a lot of helpful information on Niche Websites and most of them have a whole section of “other sources of traffic”. Sure, it talks about specific niches (survival niche, etc.) but you can easily¬†apply this information to anything.

Soak in all of the information you can, build your email list, help others, and use that link to build traffic from other sources. You would be surprised how easy getting targeted traffic can be.

Instead of trying to directly buy SEO or pay for more tools to build it, whip up some great advertisements and throw a few up on Facebook and Google and see what sticks. There’s plenty of information about ads and how to make the most out of your money.

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