Google Core Update 3 June 2019 – Search Algorithm changes and SEO impact

Google June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update

On Monday, June 3, 2019, Google did something they’ve never done before: a new Core Update was announced on Twitter one day before it actually went live. This is the first time ever that Google announces an algorithm update in advance. The June 2019 Core Update is the second major update this year after the famous Florida 2.0 in March, which has had a significant impact and has led to major changes in positioning certain websites in Google searches.

Although the algorithm was announced the day before it was released, and despite the fact that Google’s official Twitter information appeared in real-time from the launch day, it does not mean that the impact on SERPs will be immediately visible. Why? For the first time, this update must be implemented in Google data centers located in different locations around the globe. According to Google social media announcements and comments, it will take a few days for the search algorithm to be fully updated.

Google’s first ever Core Update announcement done before the roll out

Before June 2, 2019, the idea that Google would actually announce an update before it being rolled out and applied was unheard of. But you can now call it a premiere: two days ago, not only did Google announce a new update in advance – a Core Update that is presumed to impact page indexing -, but its name was also disclosed: the June 2019 Core Update. Before this, Google used to announce updates only after they were implemented.

Danny Sullivan, who currently posts for Google Search Liaison, explained the reason behind the decision to announce this update before it became active. It seems that Google wants to take a pro-active attitude in distributing important information in advance. This decision was made after analyzing the behavior of marketers and SEO specialists around the world, their concerns and the questions that arose after each major update. Apparently Google wants to prepare the audience for the updates in order to avoid confusion and worries.

What is a Google Core Update and what is its impact on indexing?

A Core Update is an update that does not focus on specific features of a site or search / query. In Core Updates, the changes are more subtle, with the update mostly dealing with the finer elements within the algorithm.

What can you do if your search rankings dropped after a core update?

Last year, Google provided some vital information about the way Core Updates work. It seems that website owners can not just fix some errors in order to regain their positions in rankings. There’s no specific set of errors that can be corrected or temporary problems that can be resolved by applying recommended fixes. The only thing webmasters and Search Engine Marketing agencies can do to overcome their drop in ranking is to provide visitors with quality, unique content. Then, they have to closely follow Google’s recommendations and to inform themselves as much as possible about general SEO best practices. Only after in-depth study and, of course, by resorting to industry specialists, website owners will understand how Google reviews sites and how they can improve the user-oriented content.

Evolution of the SEO campaigns we monitor

Following the Twitter announcement, we’ve been closely monitoring our customers’ SEO campaigns. Except for only two websites, we did not see any noticeable change in the SERPs, positive or negative, other than the usual light variations.

No significant change in SERPs

In two cases however – and only in them – we have seen a positive, sharp overall rise, with a couple of clear and significant increases in rankings, each of these two clients being already well positioned in a niche with strong competition.

Client’s SERPs dramatically improved

We continue to monitor our SEO campaigns to see the overall impact and build a relevant image based on possibly wider changes of positioning of customer websites for the tracked keywords, but at the moment, as seen in the above images, the general, common trend seems be that where, with statistically small exceptions, there are no spectacular increases or decreases in SERPs for most customers.

Also, our Cognitive SEO app showed there was indeed a major change in the algorithm on June the 3rd 2019.

Please recheck this article often, as will will keep on updating it as soon as new information is available and/or we see any significant changes in the ongoing SEO campaigns.

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