What is a Digital Marketing agency?

If we were to define digital marketing, it is an umbrella term that encompasses all promotional procedures that take place in the online environment. In addition, digital marketing – also known as the broader term SEM, or Search Engine Marketing – is based on real-time and measurable real-time data, as well as precise technology targeting.

Among the most important digital marketing activities, we can identify: search engine optimization (SEO), paid campaigns (PPC), content creation, e-mail marketing, display campaigns (banners), social media, promotion on mobile and many more.

Now that we have clarified the issue of digital marketing, what is a digital marketing agency and what does it do?

First of all, the focus of a digital agency is on the ROI of the client or the rate of return on investment. It knows what its strengths are and has the necessary knowledge and tools, elements that make the difference between a failed project or a successful project.

The digital agency understands the specifics of your business, then analyzes all promotional opportunities, creates customized strategies, measures and optimizes all the time to deliver the best results.

A digital marketing agency involves a full team of graphic designers, web developers, and marketing specialists. In this way, it can accurately understand the needs of the clients and then come up with solutions to the problems identified. Without a multidisciplinary team, it would be impossible to create certain strategies that would encompass all customer requirements.

Many companies choose the agency option to outsource their marketing services because it is more profitable than having their own marketing team. Besides the much lower costs, where do we put the expertise, experience and creativity of people in an agency that are focused only on achieving the client’s goals by creating complete strategies?

And last but not least, the value of a digital agency is given by its specialists, and especially by the marketing people. Maybe many of you think that the job of a marketer means surfing the Internet all day (maybe even at night). Because we like what we do, it is very important for us to keep abreast of everything that happens in our niche. Without continuous improvement, the fruits of labor would be non-existent.

Given that technology is evolving from day to day, and the ways of promotion that have gone well some time ago, today they no longer have any impact. Thus, in order to cope with an increasingly avid competitive environment, a marketing person must possess a whole range of skills to ensure that he can offer the customer exactly what he needs. And there is not much. 😀

Smart Insights identified 20 core competencies, among the most important being: the ability to create a digital marketing strategy and integrated planning, support, promotion on social networking, content creation -mail marketing, and many more, as can be seen in the image below.

Digital Marketing skills list
Digital Marketing skills list

Thus, a digital communication agency can offer you integrated marketing services to help you reach your business goals. If you know what these are and you need a specialized team, we’d love to help you. 🙂

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