The great sales strategies that any business should know. A guide for online shops

Sales strategies represent all practices, tactics and planned actions that aim to convert potential customers into repeat buyers.

In this regard, it is so important to know both which things should be done, as well as those not to do in order to succeed.

There is a proverb that says “what is the use of running if you are not on the right path?“. This is the case with sales strategies, they must be planned.

Nowadays, companies in the digital environment have a wide variety of available ways to generate sales. In fact, they have the ability to generate leads online as well as being able to do so from print, television, radio and other digital media.

Therefore, it is important to focus on the right practices, using smart tactics and sales strategies that are effective. In this article, we explain the latest successful sales strategies and analyze the approach that they should have.

Content of the article
  1. What do sales strategies represent?
  2. Examples of sales strategies with successful results
    2.1 Analyze historical records
    2.2 Use the free trials
    2.3 Be flexible
  3. What is the approach that sales strategies should have?
    3.1 Sales strategies represent the understanding of the target market
    3.2 Appropriate budgets and cash allocation
    3.3 Consideration of competitive advantages.
    3.4 Consumer experience
  4. What are the most effective sales strategies?

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What do sales strategies represent?

In the most basic terms, sales strategies represent a company’s plan to build its brand, generate sales and increase revenues.

Sales strategies represent a smart activity that helps companies improve their sales. It helps you to familiarize yourself with your problem areas and shows you which route you should take to achieve the result you want. The correct sales strategies can support the work you have done with the sales department and facilitate the achievement of your goals.

The fact that technology evolves and that every day increases the number of businesses within all industries, implies that from time to time you will see the birth of a new sales strategy that adapts to the current needs of the market.

However, there are sales strategies that have been on the battlefield for a long time and have worked for many companies. Sometimes we tend to continue making sales in the same way incurring faults that do not lead us to the destination we want. It is essential to have a team that develops sales strategies that capture and convert potential customers to make a difference in the market and move from poor sales to record sales.

Examples of sales strategies with successful results

1. Historical records analysis

By analyzing the historical records you will untap a great and useful source of vital information that should not be ignored when establishing your plans. With the use of several reporting tools you can analyze your sales and determine which areas you can improve.

You can start by establishing the general business analysis in the campaign of the previous year or period. Verify where the number of total sales increased or decreased between the current and previous periods, make a record showing where the sales came from and in which month it was sold the most.

Following this analysis you can generate changes in different sectors. This will allow you to:

  • Add sales agents in a given month;
  • Make presentations on seasonal dates;
  • Change the type of communication you have with the client;
  • Contrast the objectives that were had in the previous period is equally important to establish new realistic and attainable objectives;
  • Evaluate if the goals of the previous period were reached, otherwise investigate what were the reasons that did not happen.

2. Use the free trials

Free trials represent one of the most common sales strategies used to attract new customers.

Companies such as Skype, Dropbox, Netflix and the buffer application have offered free trials that allow their customers to experience the benefits of their platforms before making the payment for their service.

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