Business Growth 101: Creating a Buzz around your Business

There is no getting away from the fact: growing a business and its reach is not easy. Every business owner, big and small, knows that. However, just because it isn’t an easy task growing a business, that does not mean it is impossible – if it were, we would not have the many amazing brands that we do today.

We could talk about building brand awareness as a whole concept, but instead, we are going to focus on building the buzz around your business. Wondering what ‘the buzz’ is – it’s simply the excitement and interest in your brand.

The truth is that one of the very best ways to grow a business is to make the brand and its products and services exciting and interesting so that they are constantly being talked about. You may find that teaming up with a specialist agency, such as Digital Shadow or Designio, could help to make this process a little easier. Building a buzz isn’t always easy, but it is worth the time and effort, that is for sure.

With that in mind, the question is how can you create a buzz around your business? For some inspiration and ideas, read on.


This can be a little risky, but the fact is if you open a wait list for your products or services you could increase your business’s buzz significantly. A wait list will contribute to the sense of excitement surrounding your product as well as to its value. The fact is that when a product or service has a wait list, it makes people believe that it has value like no other and is something that they cannot live without.

Take BBM pin for smartphones, when this first came out they used a wait list and slowly but surely gave pin number out. The buzz around this service was huge because it felt so exclusive. For live events, such as webinars, offer limited seating numbers. For events keep them small and exclusive. If you want to build a buzz, having a wait list is a fantastic concept and one that is worth implementing.


To build anticipation and excitement about new services or products that you are launching, tease your audience. Use sneak peaks, hints and teaser images to build excitement surrounding your brand and whatever it is that you are launching. Some companies, such as Apple, even choose to leak information about their new products or services to the media. Sometimes this information is fake, sometimes it is real, but either way, it always creates a buzz around the product or service.


The fact is that very few brands are transparent, and so being transparent with your customers can set you aside from your competitors. Aim to always be honest and open with your customers, sharing updates on projects and other parts of your business. The key is to be willing to engage in honest communication and not hiding anything from your customers.

Want to grow your business? Creating a buzz around your brand is vital. The tips above should help to make creating a buzz easier if you take note of them and implement them in your marketing strategy.

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